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2 weeks ago

Amazing Tips on How to Improve Your Swing Speed That Actually Work

It is all about the swing in a game of golf. I am sure that those who are into this game would agree to this. A rapid swing can be equated with longer drives. But, swinging faster does not mean that you swing harder, and if it would have been that easy, everyone would have become a Tiger Woods. But, before telling you how to improve the speed of you golf swing, a quick overview of the fundamentals would be appropriate.

Important Aspects of Golf


The stance is an e

2 weeks ago

President Obama plays 100th round of golf, draws fire from critics

President Barack Obama, right, and former President Bill Clinton talk during a game of golf at Andrews Air Force Base on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011, in Andrews Air Force Base, Md.

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

(CBS News) CHICAGO -- There's something about golf that makes it a compelling pastime for Ameri

2 weeks ago

Wedding ring Hitler gave to Eva is found.

Byline: ALLAN HALL in Berlin

THE wedding ring wedding rings Adolf Hitler gave to his bride Eva Braun in the

Berlin bunker hours before they committed suicide in 1945 has been

tracked down to a collector of Nazi memorabilia.

The ring was smuggled out of Berlin shortly before the pair killed

themselves and was kept in a German bank for several years before being

taken to America, according to TV station ZDF.

Researcher Stefan Brauburger, who found the ring, said: "I am

convinced it was the genuine article. The collector wants to remain

anonymous and we have respected his wishes."


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2 weeks ago

The 6 best words in customer service

Two comedians can tell the exact same joke, with the same timing, and one will have people rolling in the aisles while the other will get blank stares and an awkward golf clap. The joke itself may not even be funny, but the difference can come down to a single word choice. The same can be said for customer service -- the delivery often determines the reaction.

I've written quite a bit in the past about what not to do when speaking to customers. It's a virtually limitless topic that unfortunately is supported by countless daily examples. So this time I thought I'd focus on what I call "positive trigger words" -- the ones that convey the exact same messages but with completely different

2 months ago

Trademarking a Band Name

In starting a musical band, choosing a good name is a real difficult task that you have to perform at first. And along with a name that will show off your unique identity, you also need to consider some legal aspects that relate to the name of your group. If you are thinking of making it big in the music industry, with making records and selling merchandise; you necessarily have to divorce attorney md trademark. And this is applicable to both, if you are a solo musician or artist, or a lead member of the band.

Why Trademark?

Registration and trademarking the name plays a central role in preventing its use by other musical groups. As per trademark laws, you cannot one use a name that is similar to another band. There have been many cases where bands have ended up changing their names just because they used a name similar to another group. If you are using a name that has already been trademarked, you may get into legal trouble.

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It is recommended to come up with a unique name that does not sound or seem similar to another group, and trademark it as soon as possible to preclude others from using it. Trademarking also allows you to legally distribute merchandise, sell records, and carry out music industry dealings.

Steps Involved

The first step is to visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website and obtain the forms therein. You can file the application either electronically or print it and send it to the appropriate mailing address. You will be asked to fill in some details in the form; such as divorce attorney md name, contact details, kind of entity, name, and similar information. It is suggested to file the application online itself, for which you will have to pay the amount using a credit card.

If you are submitting the application by mail, a check is required to be sent along. For those wondering about the cost, you will have to pay from $275 to $375 approximately. The complete amount has to be paid altogether for the application to be accepted. A temporary serial number will be sent to you via email or mail, according to how your send in the request. After the submission is done, the attorney will examine all aspects of your application. Whether there are any possible discrepancies, any symbols or marks that do not stand as trademarks, and other details.

He most significantly will check the availability of the trademark requested. The attorney also posts it in the official gazette, a weekly publication referring to which another party can oppose the approval. Once all detailed verifications are carried out, it is trademarked and you will receive a notice of the same. The notice is also sent in case the application is disapproved. You will have to renew registration after the fifth year and before the tenth year of formal registration.

The process usually takes a year or even more. When it comes to this process, it is recommended to take legal advice from an attorney.

1 year ago

New Yahoo Product Ads Make Their Debut in Search

Google and Bing have long had Product Ads for their search engines, so it makes sense that Yahoo would follow suit. Fortunately for us, the announcement comes just before the holiday season, and can appear in both Yahoo search results (through Gemini) as well as Polyvore, a social commerce site. In other words, they can launch in several different places.

Just as with the other product ads that you use, ads are built from your (the merchant) product feeds and you can use Yahoo data for targeting and insights across the ad systems. Among the fir

1 year ago

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